Ptriodactyl Live at Little City Merchant




“They have an interesting minimalist thing going on, loved how the vocals always had room to shine. Some great back and forth with the violin and the bass, really enjoyed how subtle it all was, like every note was deliberate, not just one in a chain to get to the next scale. ”​

- Jodi Brak , Salmon Arm Observer

“Meet a fresh new trio whose spare, edgy instrumentation and playful vocals create a jazz reduction sauce, simmering the musical ingredients to concentrate the flavors."  

-Kitty King, bassist for Little Mountain Trio

“Jessica Heaven has a gorgeous tuneful voice and her effortlessly expressive jazz style belies her youth. An artist to keep your eye and ear on.”​

- Kate Hammett-Vaughan, Juno-nominated Jazz Vocalist






Jessica Heaven | Gavia Lertzman-Lepofsky | Jake McIntyre-Paul

Hailing from Salmon Arm and Vancouver, Ptriodactyl is an electrifying trio of voice, violin, and bass, that travels 465 km to rehearse, record, and perform together. This youthful, innovative group is constantly challenging themselves in both their originals and their interpretations of jazz standards by refusing to transcribe to the traditional musical roles of their instruments. Looking to groups like Triology, The Oscar Peterson Trio, and The Jennifer Scott Trio for their inspiration, this band is a unique fusion of groove and space. With their effervescent synergy, musical interplay, and sense of humour, Ptriodactyl captivates audiences and is not one to miss.

Photo By: Ken Lertzman


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